The scope of use of PVC Steel Wire Hoses

Nov 25, 2019

Our company has strong technical force and perfect management system. Pvc steel hose has created good economic and social benefits with first-class equipment, high-quality product quality and perfect after-sales service.

PVC steel wire hose can be divided into industrial grade (specially transporting industrial water, oil, sewage, powder, chemical raw materials, etc.) and food grade according to the use (food factory transports juice, milk, edible water, winery to transport liquor, beer , etc., wind power, suction and drainage, oil, low concentration chemicals and other liquid and solid particles, powder materials. Regardless of the application, the substance itself must be a "non-corrosive" "low concentration chemical" substance.

PVC steel wire hose features:
The PVC transparent steel wire hose is a PVC hose embedded with a steel frame. The inner and outer walls are transparent, smooth, free of air bubbles, and the fluid transport is clearly visible. They are resistant to low concentrations of acids and bases, are highly elastic, are resistant to aging and have a long service life. They are resistant to high pressure and can maintain their original state under high pressure vacuum.

PVC steel wire hose is also called PVC steel wire reinforced pipe. Its pipe is made of three-layer structure, the inner and outer layers are PVC soft plastic, the middle layer of pvc steel wire hose is steel wire reinforced structure, or steel wire mesh or spiral steel wire, so there are multiple pipes formed. Name: PVC steel wire pipe, PVC steel wire reinforced pipe, PVC steel wire spiral reinforced pipe, PVC steel wire mesh reinforced hose, PVC steel mesh soft steel wire mesh. Tube and so on. In fact, that is to say, an increase in the reinforcing steel layer inside the PVC hose leads to some changes in the strength, deformation resistance and quality of the PVC pipe, such as modification or reinforcement of the PVC pipe.

The pvc steel wire hose is a new type of pvc reinforced material, which has a very good improvement in pressure resistance and hardness. In the steel pipe, the most important ones are multiple production methods. Among them, the main steel wire pipe types in the market include high-pressure steel wire pipe, low-pressure steel wire pipe, high-temperature resistant steel wire pipe, low-temperature resistant steel wire pipe, food grade steel wire increased hose, and anti-static steel wire. Hose, PVC steel fiber composite pipe, etc., are used in different environments. The new pvc steel wire tube is the most widely used product.

The scope of use of PVC Steel Wire Hoses

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