The use skill of automotive silicone hose

Nov 11, 2019

First, The technique of distinguishing silicone hoses from rubber hoses:
Silicone rubber hose is a kind of silicone rubber, belongs to a single component room temperature vulcanized liquid rubber products. Silicone products are silicone rubber products, belonging to single components of room temperature vulcanized liquid rubber products. Once exposed to air, the silane monomer condenses, forming a network structure that cross-linked the system, does not melt and dissolve, is elastic, forms a rubber state, and simultaneously glues the object. Its thermal conductivity is slightly higher than that of ordinary rubber products, and once cured, it is difficult to separate bonded objects. High-elastic polymer compounds for rubber products. Includes unsulfurized and vulcanized varieties. Can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber two categories. Natural rubber products are processed from latex obtained from rubber products. Synthetic rubber products are prepared by aggregating or shrinking the monomer. Unsulfurized rubber products are often referred to as raw rubber products or raw rubber. Vulcanized rubber products are called vulcanized rubber products and are often referred to as cooked rubber products or rubberproducts. Widely used in the manufacture of tires, hoses, tape, insulation materials, rubber shoes, silicone hoses in medical applications.

Second, The use of silicone hoses:
Silicone hose is a rubber with special comprehensive properties. It has excellent electrical insulation, aging resistance, chemical stability, antioxidant and weather resistance, radiation resistance, physiological inertness, good breathability, high and low temperature resistance. It can be used for a long time from -60 c to 250 degrees C. Can be widely used in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical, medical, oven, food and other industrial sectors of good electrical insulation seals, liquid conveying materials. Performance high temperature, oil resistance, non-toxic tasteless. The operating temperature of the silicone rubber ranges from -100 to 350 degrees C. It has excellent heat-resistant oxygen aging, ozone aging, light aging and weather resistance; Silicone rubber is non-toxic and tasteless, widely used in the field of medicine. For precision representation, pipelines, household appliance seals, drinking water pipe seals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Third, The characteristics of silicone hoses:
1. Structure: Consisting of an internal silicone layer, a 1-2 layer of wire or reinforced layer woven or entangled with synthetic fibers, and an external silicone layer.
2. Features: the outer diameter tolerance of the hose is small, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, light weight, the hose body is soft and durable. The small crack ingress pressure of the hose is four times the operating pressure.
3. Fiber braided (or winded) hoses are used in diesel engines to transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other mineral oils. They have excellent oil corrosion resistance and can transport oil below 100 degrees C. The hose is used at an ambient temperature of not less than -30 degrees C, and it is also suitable for other petroleum-based oil-water emulsion softos, as well as compressed air and inert gas media. Silicone product swimming cap is mainly made of high-grade silicone products. Silicone hoses feel soft, elongated and very durab

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