Use and performance of automotive silicone hoses

Sep 16, 2019

Automotive silicone tubes are used to transport gases, liquids, oars or granular materials of a class of silicone rubber products, composed of internal and external adhesive layer and skeleton layer, skeleton layer material can be used cotton fiber, a variety of synthetic fibers, carbon fiber or asbestos, steel wire and so on. General automotive silicone tube internal and external layer materials using natural rubber, butyl rubber or cinbes- rubber, oil-resistant rubber pipe using neoprene, butyl rubber, acid-resistant alkali, high temperature-resistant rubber using ethyl propylene rubber, fluoro-rubber or silicone rubber. Because of its easy bending, can buffer, light weight, and easy to install and use advantages, the use is very wide, such as agricultural irrigation farmland, harbor dredging in the suction mud oars, aircraft, tanks, cars and many mechanical equipment in the hydraulic system, pneumatic system, fuel system are used many silicone pipes.

Automotive silicone tube performance:
1. Made with winding process, high density, will not produce "sandeye";
2. Excellent anti-aging performance, with oxygen resistance, ozone resistance, light resistance, climate resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation, arc resistance, good physiological inertia and physiological stability;
3. Three layers of mesh yarn reinforcement, long-term use of high temperature, not hardened, not cracked, not burst pipe.

Automotive silicone tube use:
Silicone hoses are used in five major systems in the car: cooling systems, fuel systems, refrigeration systems, power steering systems and braking systems.

Use and performance of automotive silicone hoses    Use and performance of automotive silicone hoses   Use and performance of automotive silicone hoses

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