What are the advantages and disadvantages of PVC hoses

May 27, 2019

1. The disadvantage of PVC hoses is that they are not suitable for use in hot water pipes, although they can be used as domestic water supply pipes, but not for direct drinking water supply pipes.
2. Although the hardness of this hose is good, it is easy to crack in the case of shock.
3. Some low-quality counterfeit PVC hoses, in the production of the addition of plasticizers, will cause media pollution, and greatly shorten the aging period of PVC hoses.

1. PVC hose has good tensile and compressive strength.
2. The hose wall of PVC hose is very smooth, so the resistance of water flow is very small, its water transmission capacity is 20% higher than that of cast iron hose with equivalent hose diameter, and the effect of water transmission is very high.
3. PVC hose corrosion resistance and drug resistance is also very good, with good acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion, not affected by moist moisture and soil ph, long service life.
4. PVC hose also has a good water tightness, this pipe whether the use of bonding or rubber ring connection, can maintain good water tightness.
5. PVC hose Tensile and thermal stability is good, can adapt to different environmental use, a wide range of use.
6, PVC hose hardness is good, so it is used as a drainage pipe, can prevent insect ant erosion, service life longer.

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