What are the characteristics of PVC layflat hose?

Jul 13, 2020

Features of PVC layflat hose:
1. Flexible PVC material, high-strength polyester fiber reinforced layer, light weight, aging resistance, wear resistance, compact, economical and practical.
2. Light weight, good flexibility, bright color and smooth
3. Ability to maintain flexibility and elasticity in low-temperature water
4. Resistant to wear, corrosion, high pressure and bad weather.
5. Ideal economical wear-resistant hose for irrigation and drainage of farmland and garden. Cement files, river sand removal, site drainage, road construction, etc.

The advantages of PVC layflat hose:
1. The inner and outer layers are foundation at the same time, forming at one time without leakage.
2. High-strength polyester reinforced yarn, high working pressure, low expansion rate.
3. The inner and outer layers are extruded at the same time, with strong adhesion and no delamination.
4. The maximum size is 16 inches and the length can be customized.
5. We can provide flat hoses with different connectors.
6. Anti-ultraviolet, no discoloration, 3 years of service life
7. Anti-twist, twist coefficient <30°, suitable for drip irrigation.
8. The wall thickness is large, the surface is striped, wear-resistant, suitable for harsh working conditions.
9. Acid and alkali resistance, suitable for conveying light chemicals in the mining industry.

PVC layflat hose

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