What is a food-grade hose?

Jul 06, 2020

Food grade hoses can be called food grade hoses or FDA hoses. The food grade hose is super soft and resistant to microorganisms. The food grade suction and discharge hose is used for beer, wine, drinking water, cereals, powder, flour, dry food, oil, syrup, dairy products, fruit juice, etc. Food grade rubber hoses are designed to transport various fluids without emitting odors or tastes, and are specifically designed for hygienic water absorption and drainage applications.

Food grade hoses must meet the standards set by the FDA, and in most cases, they should also meet the hygienic conditions of non-profit governing bodies (called 3A). FDA sets specifications for hose materials, such as polymers, fillers, plasticizers, and other physical "components" of hoses. On the other hand, 3A tests the hose under actual conditions, testing the strength of the product, its reaction with cleaning and sanitary solvents, and its absorption of grease.

To maintain flexibility, food-grade hoses are usually made of rubber or PVC. However, they have an internal stainless steel wire spiral structure to provide strength and durability. Food grade hoses are widely used in food production units to produce in a safe and hygienic environment. The most common applications include: used to transport beer, wine, water, milk, juice, soda, flour, etc.

food-grade hose  food-grade hose

The advantages of food grade hose:
Chemical resistance: Frequent contact with food, especially wine, beer and milk, can cause acids and chemicals in the hose. These acids can affect the quality of food and even cause food poisoning. Therefore, food-grade hoses are made of non-toxic compounds to ensure chemical resistance.
Odorless: Food grade hose is tasteless and tasteless, which can maintain the actual taste of food.
High-pressure high-quality hose: high-quality food hose can maintain high-pressure supply. In wine and beer applications, maintaining supply pressure is particularly important.
Food-grade high-temperature hoses: Food-grade hoses are specifically manufactured to meet the demanding conditions of food processing plants. They can withstand harsh handling and high temperature conditions.

food grade hose   food grade hose

Our food grade hoses come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be used in a variety of applications, including citrus/juice, beer and wine, flour, drinking water, cereals, etc.

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