What Is a Sanitary Hose?

Apr 20, 2020

Sanitary hose is a hose that meets food hygiene requirements, also called food-grade hose.

The difference between sanitary hose and industrial hose:
1. Sanitary hose can be used in very strict environments such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc .;
2. Industrial hoses are generally used in industry and are not used for conveying edible things, so the environmental protection and hygiene requirements for materials are not so strict.

Why are sanitary hose prices much higher than industrial hoses?
Because the production of sanitary hoses is very strict, from the perspective of raw materials, raw materials that have passed food grade certification must be used, and the raw materials need to reach sanitary grade, and the requirements for granulation are more stringent. The hose production equipment is shared, and the workshop must use a dust-free workshop. The hoses produced in such an environment are really called sanitary hoses, so the price of sanitary hoses is higher than the price of ordinary industrial hoses.

There are many merchants selling hygienic grade hoses on the market. It is not excluded that some unscrupulous merchants sell ordinary industrial hoses as hygienic grade hoses. It is impossible to distinguish hygienic grade hoses from the naked eye. Some brands of hygienic hoses are clearly distinguished from industrial hoses, and the models will be different. For Italian IPL industrial hoses, EU series (XY-0302 food grade hoses) are hygienic hoses and OU series resistant KS0909 it is an industrial hoses.

What types of sanitary hoses are there?
The most widely used sanitary hoses currently on the market are: PU hoses, silicone hoses, food grade rubber hoses, medical PE hoses, etc.

Sanitary Hose, Food grade silicone hose     Sanitary Hose, Food grade silicone hose

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