What material is used for the vacuum cleaner hose?

Oct 07, 2019

Vacuum cleaner hoses are divided into industrial vacuum hoses and household vacuum hoses. Different hoses are made of different vacuum cleaners. The hose manufacturer below will give you a detailed introduction of the materials used in the two types of vacuum cleaners.

1. Introduction of materials used in industrial vacuum hoses
Because industrial vacuum cleaner hoses are used in industrial production, most of them are scrapped in the factory floor, so the requirements for friction are very high, so the primary condition for industrial vacuum cleaner hoses must be wear-resistant, and in all plastic hoses. Among them, the most wear-resistant vacuum hose with pu material, this material can be said to be the most wear-resistant one of the same kind of plastic materials. Therefore, most of the industrial vacuum cleaner hoses use pu steel wire extension tubes, which is the most used in industrial vacuum cleaners.

2, Household vacuum hose material introduction
For household vacuum cleaners, it is often only a little dust, even if there are particles, it is very small, so household vacuum cleaner hoses do not have to be very wear-resistant, with ordinary materials. For the time being, the most used material for household vacuum hoses is EVA, because this material is very light and convenient to use. For most housewives, of course, a light vacuum cleaner is more desirable. And a matching vacuum hose. In addition to the EVA material, there are PE materials, but PE will be heavier than EVA, and some vacuum cleaners use PVC tubes, but the lightest one is EVA. Dust pipe.

In summary, the suitable industrial vacuum hose selects the pu vacuum hose, and the suitable household vacuum cleaner hose selects the EVA vacuum tube. Of course, this is just a general-purpose vacuum cleaner. If it is not standard or used in a special industry, it is still based on the specificity of the vacuum cleaner manufacturing company.

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