Why does the hydraulic hose fail?

Nov 18, 2019

Hydraulic hoses are an important part of the hydraulic system. Thanks to its great flexibility, the hydraulic hoses make the hydraulic system compact and efficient. Depending on the pressure, hydraulic hoses are usually divided into four types, low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure and ultra-high pressure.

Hydraulic hoses can be used for a long time, but routine maintenance is very important. In specific applications, hydraulic hoses may fail. To avoid such incidents, be careful.

Here are seven reasons for a hydraulic hose failure that i hope will help you out. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email.

1. Improper routing.
Incorrect wiring includes bending the hose to a minimum bending radius less than the specified, which usually results in leaks or deformations. To maximize the service life of the hose, select the appropriate clip and place it in the correct position.

2. Exceeding specified working pressure.
Any type of hose has working pressure. Once the operating pressure is exceeded, the likelihood of hose failure increases significantly.

3. Pressure surges.
When the hose is under surge pressure, the service life of the hose is sure to be reduced. If the wheezing pressure is much higher than the specified operating pressure, select a hose with a helix structure.

4. Excessively high or low operating temperature.
Too high or too low a temperature can degrade the rubber and ultimately limit the use of the hose. Work hoses with maximum capacity should be avoided. This will cause the rubber to deteriorate and accelerate the failure of the hose.

5. Ambient temperature.
The ambient temperature affects the mulch and the reinforcing material, especially in the heat medium transfer. If you are confused about this, please consult our online service or email us directly.

6. Chemicals and other adverse factors.
Chemicals include oils, fuels, acids and alkalis, and cleaning solvents affect the performance of hose covers, O-rings and accessories.

7. Improper fittings.
One size is not suitable for all hoses. When selecting accessories for a hose system, the type of crimp or reusable should be determined prior to installation.

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