Is There Any Quality Requirement For Metal Hose?

Aug 04, 2022

In the last piece we learned many types of metal hose fittings. They are the necessary parts for many industrial applications. Besides, with the increasing of demand, more suppliers appear on the market. However, the price and quality are quite different. Then is there any quality requirement for the metal hose? The answer is certain and let’s see next.

How to choose the right type of metal hose


First, you should confirm the diameter of your equipment which connect with the hose. The choose the metal hose accordingly. Besides, you should also confirm the type of fitting. Generally, the connection could be flange, screw and camlock.

metal hose


According to the practical work condition, choose the hose with proper pressure. Besides, decide if need a metal net type metal hose. Because higher pressure may cause leakage or even burst. While lower pressure makes the medium transfer difficult.


The property of metal hose should fit the medium. For example, when transfer chemicals, the metal hose and relevant parts should be corrosion resistant.

metal hose


As for the temperature, you should concern both internal and external ones. Internal is the medium, while external is the work environment. Over high temperature may not only affects the normal work, but also cause hose distort. Then cause serious security risk.

Hose condition

When medium flow through, there will be a subsidence on the hose. Moreover, you should concern about the min bend radius and min bend times. Then choose a metal hose with proper length.

metal hose

Quality requirements to metal hose

1. It should be flexible among the pitches with support force elasticity. Besides, there will not be any block and pull elasticity.

2. There should not be any crack or snag on the connectors

Above are the quality requirements of metal hose. Do you learn that? If you still have any question, just contact Hitech. We are your expert in hose solutions.

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