Large Diameter Layflat Hose Provide Large Amount Of Water

Aug 12, 2022

In modern days, the use of large diameter layflat hose is more and more wide. Because it can deliver large amount of water in a short time. Thus it’s popular in firefighting and disaster resistance.

Large diameter layflat hose save people’s life

The fire happened at Auckland mountain area in 1991 destroyed over 3000 houses. Besides, it caused over 20 people died. The reservoir is dried up in high altitude area. Because the fire destroyed the power system of water pump. Shortly, the water ran out because the houses are close to street.

However, on such occasion, the reinforce came. They found a place that can supply water. Then set a 5 inch size and 550 meters’ long layflat hose. After that, the water was supplied to the mountain by 7000L/min. Because of the huge amount of water, it saved about 100 houses from fire. The firefight bureau of Los Angles often gets water from resource with a layflat hose.

large diameter layflat hose

In fact, after the earthquake in 1989, such method became popular. The earthquake caused the building collapse. Then it caused fire in the resident. The firefighter replaced the broken water pipe with a large size layflat hose. Then delivered water from the sea. Finally, the defeated the fire.

Today, the large size layflat hose is still the best choice for firefighting. No matter in the city or field.

large diameter layflat hose

Besides the firefighting, large size layflat hose is also suitable for drainage. When the flood comes, it causes much of water collect in the city. On such occasion, you can discharge the water quickly with large size layflat hoses.

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