PP spiral guard Introduction

Nov 03, 2022

PP Spiral guard was introduced to China in about 2002. It is a spiral guard made of PP, PE or nylon PA. It is using a heat winding and shaping extrusion process. It is an alternative to the traditional metal sleeve for hose protection.

Alias: hose protection guard, wire and cable protection guard, etc. It has been used in excavators, road rollers and other construction machinery and injection molding equipment.

PP spiral guard

It is mainly installed on the outside of hydraulic hoses, electric wires and cables. Its function is to enhance the anti-static and anti-ultraviolet performance of hoses. It is play a safe role in protecting hydraulic hoses under various harsh environments.

Coal mine hydraulic support hose assembly protection sleeve is mainly used for the protection of the hose under the hydraulic support column. The color is green, red, yellow, etc. The diameter is 50 to 90. The wall thickness from 4 mm -5 mm.

PP spiral guard

The length can be made according to customer requirements. Generally used to protect DN32, DN40, DN50, DN50S, DN63 hydraulic hoses.

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