PP spiral guards or spring guard?

Nov 14, 2022

The installation of spiral guard for hydraulic hoses not only improves aesthetics, but also extend the life of the hoses by more than 3 years.

Compared with the traditional metal spring protection products, the PP spiral guard is easy to install, better sex.

And more anti-aging, corrosion resistance.

And more powerful anti-aging and anti-friction protection for the external surface of hydraulic hoses.

More convenient, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving effect.

PP spiral guard

The PP spiral guard characteristics

The PP spiral guard is a new product that replaces the traditional hose protection with metal spring.

The PP spiral guard is generally made of nylon or polyethylene.

It has good performance, anti-aging and anti-corrosive properties, and can protect the outer surface of the hose against aging and abrasion.

Compared with the hose protection spring products and other sheathing products, the PP spiral guard has more convenient and environmental protection and energy-saving effect.

The inner surface of the PP spiral guard is generally flat, and the outer surface is divided into two kinds: flat and curved.

PP spiral guard

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