Price And Use Method Of Natural Gas Hose

Aug 02, 2022

In the last piece, we learned why the length of natural gas hose can’t beyond 2 meters. Besides length, quality is also important. However, the end user concern more about the cost-effective. Thus let’s talk about the price first.

How much is the natural gas hose?

In fact, the price is determined by many factors such as material and brand. However, the hose installation and change should be done by the gas supplier experts. Thus they may add labour charge into the total fee.

natural gas hose

As for the natural gas hose itself, the price is about 2-5 USD per meter. But it may different based on the different material and brand. However, no matter what the material is, it should be corrosion and aging resistant. Here we OrientFlex recommend you PE or stainless steel hose. Because they have much better performance than other materials. But the price is higher accordingly. Especially for stainless steel natural gas hose.

natural gas hose

How to use natural gas hose

We know that natural gas is easy to ignite. Moreover, it will cause explosion in a narrow space. Thus you have to focus on the safe use. Here Hiteck offers you some tips to use natural gas hose.

First, never unload and step on your natural gas hose, especially when stick tiles. Besides, protect your hose well after installation.

Second, people can’t live in the room with a gas hose. Because once there was any leakage or fire, it may cause people hurt or even die. Besides, don’t set inflammable and explosive articles.

natural gas hose

Third, you can’t insert the hose into walls and it should be at least 10cm above the ground.

Hiteck has been work on natural gas hose since 2006. At present, we are one of the top grade supplier in China. Besides, we have cooperated with thousands of clients around the world. We obtain their trust and praise with high quality products and unique service. Contact us now and get more information.

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