PVC Fibre Reinforced Hose Notes

Nov 21, 2022

It is made from quality PVC and polyester yarn. With advanced tech and formula, it has great properties. Thus it widely serves in factory, mine, chemical and many other places.

Properties of PVC fibre reinforced hose

First, pressure resistance. It can bear both internal and external pressure. Besides, it can bear huge impact. At normal temp, it’s suitable for almost all the usages.

Second, corrosion proof. PVC hose can transfer acid, alkali and other chemicals. Besides, it will not fail because of the corrosion. Thus it’s ideal for chemical and petrol.

PVC fibre reinforced hose

Third, good water tightness. No matter loop or TS joint, it will never leak. Thus you can use it peacefully.

Fourth, large flow volume. The inner wall is very smooth. While the roughness coefficient is just 0.009. Thus it has small resistance to fluid. With the same size, it has large flow volume. Besides, the scale is hard to stick on the inner wall.

Last, long service life. In general, PVC hose can service for many years. If you use and maintain it well, it can serve over 10 years.

PVC fibre reinforced hose

Focus on these when use PVC fiber reinforced hose

1. During the install, try to reduce the bend. Besides, don’t bend the hose to much when tighten the joint. Because over bend will reduce the mechanical property. Then harm to the transfer ability. For inevitable situation, take some measures to protect your hose from abrasion and burst.

2. Keep your hose away from external force. For example, sharp substances like knife. As they will break the hose directly. Then you have to stop the work and change a new hose.

PVC fibre reinforced hose

3. When transfer powder or particle mediums, keep the hose in a large bend radius. Because they will cause over wear to hose at a small bend radius.

4. PVC hose should be a little longer than your need. Because there will be expansion and vibration during the work.

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