PM20 manual hose crimping machine is our new product. Considering the non-convenience of working outdoor, our technologists developed this new portable type. This type machine absorbs the advantage technical in the world with using high quality material and high pressure hand pump so that the machine has a steady and permanent system.

1. Hose Crimping Machine-PM20(Manual)     2. Hose Crimping Machine-PM20(Manual)

Meanwhile, In view of appearing many special-shaped bend for crimping, we increased the opening and passing performance. The machine efficiency is improved for the returning speed is very fast, it is very suitable for using in outdoors. We choose the special material that have high strength performance and the glossiness of work surface reach a highest level after CNC and heat treatment, the machine has high mechanical efficiency of transmission and its two-stage crimping conversion structure, with these the machine can meet dies opening 28mm and large swager force. We are seeking for improvement and make the best hose assemblies equipment

3. Hose Crimping Machine-PM20(Manual)     4. Hose Crimping Machine-PM20(Manual)

Hose Crimping Machine-PM20(Manual) Specification

Hose Crimping Machine-PM20(Manual) Specification

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