CM-P32 hose cutting machine is the hose crimping machine kit products, the structure of the machine is novel in design, it use a new type of motor with aluminum shell to drive the blade, greatly reduce the hose vibration in the cutting process, so it work more safe and reliable, with today’s most advanced special high-pressure hose blade (European imports blade), this machine has long service life, cutting speed, no pungent odor, no debris, sand, and cutting hose with cooling and atomizing device, that reduce the wear but raise the blade using life, and equip with a dust collecting unit, clean and environment protection.

1. Hose Cutting Machine-CM-P32     2. Hose Cutting Machine-CM-P32

Advantages Of Hose Cutting Machine CM-P32

Imported cutting blade, high intension and long lifetime, and possessing the function of compensating wearing of cutting blade;

Hose cutting speed can be stepless regulated;

Extracting fume and smoke, environmental protection and healthy.

Special motor, and cutting blade has good stability.

3. Hose Cutting Machine-CM-P32     4. Hose Cutting Machine-CM-P32

Hose Cutting Machine-CM-P32 Specification

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