Paint Spray Hose
Paint Spray Hose

Paint Spray Hose

INNER TUBE : internal core is polyamide

REINFORCEMENT: Multi plies of high tensile steel wires braid or polyester yarn braid

COVER: polyurethane, blue, black, red or grey

APPLICATION: petroleum and water based hydraulic fluids

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40℃ (-104 ℉ ) to +100℃(+212 ℉)

Size: 1/4 "to 3/8"

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Product Introduction

Paint Spray Hose     Paint Spray Hose     Paint Spray Hose
Textile braided paint spray hoses have excellent lay flat characteristics and have extremely high shock absorbing and volumetric expansion capabilities. Wire braiding gives the high pressure hose great strength and ensures 100% electrical conductivity throughout the spray hose. Each of our high pressure flexible hoses assures compatibility with all finishing equipment sprayers. Higher burst pressures allow you to safely work within the surface treatment industry at recommended working pressures.

Paint Spray Hose Construction:

Tube: internal core is polyamide

Reinforcement: Multi plies of high tensile steel wires braid or polyester yarn braid

Cover: polyurethane, blue, black, red or grey

Paint Spray Hose Application:

Designed for high pressure airless spray systems, suitable for paint, solvents and aggressive fluids.

Paint Spray Hose Features:

High abrasion resistance cover

High pressrue Max W.P.50Mpa

Chemical and solvents resistant

Seamless nylon inner core is compatible with most paints, coatings and solvents.

Polyurethane cover provides super abrasion resistance.

Special construction keeps the hose lightweight and flexible.

A special static drain element dissipates static charge.

Date coding on the coupling provides traceability.

Available in 3/16", 1/4" and 3/8" with working pressure to 3500 PSI

Paint Spray Hose Temperature: -40℃ to +100℃ (-72 °F to +212 °F)

Paint Spray Hose Specification:


Paint Spray Hose product process

Paint Spray Hose packaging

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