Pu Braided Pneumatic Hose
Pu Braided Pneumatic Hose

Pu Braided Pneumatic Hose

Material: Polyurethane

Characteristic:●Excellent flexibility, Working pressure is 1.8 times of single -layer PU Hose. bending radius is small ●Non-toxic, smelless ●Hardness is constant, service life is long.

APPLICATION: Industry robots and pneumatic tools.Transport water and other liquid.


Size:ID 5mm "to 19mm"

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Product Introduction

Braided Polyurethane Tubing is a Braid Reinforced Polyurethane Hose. Where applications involve repeated flexing, heavy vibration, or abrasion, Braided Polyurethane Braided Tubing offers superior service life over other materials. Polyurethane Braided tubing is supplied in an ether formulation, making it resistant to attack from moisture and fungi. Polyurethane tubing also resists attack from ultra-violet rays making it a good material for outside use. The braided design helps reinforce the strength of the hose. Braided PU tubing retains its flexibility even in cold environments. Polyurethane braided tubing offers excellent torque control, thin wall section, high flow rates, pressure stability, and kink resistance. Braided PU tubing tubing will handle oils, greases, fuels and water based materials.

PU Braided Hose Application:

The flexible PU hose is used for industry robots and pneumatic tools, assembly plant barometric tool, and duct with pressure. Transport water and other liquid. Vehicles service and house painting.

PU Braided Hose Characteristics:

●Braided PU hose has excellent flexibility,bending radius is small.

●Working pressure is 1.8 times of single -layer PU Hose.

●The PU hose is non-toxic, smelless.

●Hardness is constant, service life is long.

Color: clear, black, blue, red, yellow, green, white, orange.

PU Braided Hose Temperature: -40℃ to 90℃

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PU braided Hose Specification


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