<strong><strong><strong>Hybrid Air Hose</strong></strong></strong>
Hybrid Air Hose

Hybrid Air Hose

Tube and Cover: Specialized blend of rubber and pvc

Reinforcement: High tensile polyester braiding

Temperature:-30°C (- 22°F) to + 65°C (+ 150°F)

Advantage: Anti aging, long working life

Non toxic, Without odor,Lightweight and flexible

Size: 1/4 "to 3/8"

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Product Introduction

Rubberized PVC Hybrid construction offers light weight of PVC and flexibility of rubber. Hybrid Air Hose is suitable for compressed air, common industrial water. It is an ideal choice for assembly production lines and installation workshops. It is widely used in automation equipment with air as the main fluid. Pneumatic, pneumatic tools, gas pipeline instruments, mechanical lubrication to transport non-corrosive chemical objects. To maintain a long service life, it must be used at rated working pressure and ambient temperature.

Hybrid Air Hose Construction:

Tube and cover: Specialized blend of rubber and pvc

Reinforcement: high tensile polyester braiding

Hybrid Air Hose Application:

The hybrid air hose is widely used in pneumatic tools, air compressors, automated air line, air supply, cleaning equipment, construction equipment and so on.

Hybrid Air Hose Characteristic:

● Extreme all-weather flexibility

● Flexible even in sub-zero temperatures

● Max working pressure 300psi

● Excellent abrasion-resistant outer cover

● Light weight, flexible, non-kinking, non-twisting

● UV and ozone resistant, Anti-aging

● With 1/4 ” NPT fittings

Hybrid Air Hose Temperature: -30℃(-22℉) to 65℃(+150℉)
1. Hybrid Air Hose 300PSI     2. Hybrid Air Hose 300PSI     3. Hybrid Air Hose 300PSI
Hybrid Air Hose 300PSI Specification


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