Steel wire spiral hose is a common material in various industries. While there are some things that you should pay attention to. This is to avoid abnormal situations such as rupture and oil leakage in the pipe body. Then what should we focus on?

steel wire spiral hose

Focus on these 4 factors when you use the steel wire spiral hose

First, the bending radius of the hydraulic hose should not be too small. Because the pressure inside the steel wire hose is very high. Thus the high pressure will hit the hose on the bending area. After a long time, the it will damage the inner tube of the rubber hose. Then there will be leakage problem. In another hand, if the bending radius is too small, the out rubber layer will in a tense state. Then it may crack sometime. In addition, there should be a straight section at the connection between the spiral hose assembly and the pipe joint. While the length of this section should not be less than twice the outer diameter of the rubber pipe.

Second, when you add the pressure, the hose will shrink and deform. While the general shrinkage is 3 to 4% of the total pipe length. Therefore, when you install the steel wire hose assembly, the hose should be a little longer. While this is to avoid it in a tense state.

wire spiral hose

Third, when you install the wire spiral hose pipe assembly, ensure that it does not change or deform. The joint axis of the wire wound hose should be placed in the plane of motion as much as possible. Because this can prevent the spiral wire hose from being damaged.

Last, prevent your flexible spiral hose from the sharp corners of the machine. Because that will hurt the out rubber layer to avoid damage to the pipe.