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PVC Air Hose is a heavy duty air hose which can work at 300 psi. It adopts high quality PVC resin so that the hose is very flexible. While the PVC cover offers excellent UV and weather resistance. Thus it will not age even work at outdoors for a long time.

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PVC air hose PVC air hose
PVC air hose PVC air hose
PVC air hose PVC air hose

PVC Air Tube Details

Tube and Cover: High Quality PVC

Reinforcement: High tensile polyester fibre

Temperature:-50˚F(-10℃) to 140˚F(+60℃)

Size: 1/4″ to 2″

PVC Air Hose

Such Air Hose is made from virgin resin PVC which makes it flexible and temperature resistant. The outer cover also uses virgin resin PVC that is UV, oil and wear resistant. The inner tube is reinforced with extra strong polyester braid which is 20% less weight than  rubber hose. Besides, the air tube resists crack and fading.

PVC Air Compressor Hose remains flexible down to -40℉ and offers up to 300 PSI. Designed for use with power tools, filling tires with air and other compressed air use. This hose is great for everyday use in construction, auto, industry, agriculture and fleet apps. The light weight air hose will not change colors or fade when exposed to nature’s elements.

PVC Air Hose Structure:

Tube: PVC material
Reinforcement: 1ply or 2ply high tensile polyester braiding
Cover: PVC, black, red, yellow, blue.

PVC Air Tube Application:

The flexible air hose is widely used in pneumatic tools, air compressors, Rock drill, automated air line, air supply, cleaning equipment, construction equipment and so on.

PVC Air Hose Structures:

1.High tensile polyester reinforced
2.Work under high pressure 300psi
3.Strong peeling adhesion between fibre and pvc
4.light, flexible, non-kinking, non-twisting
5.UV, ozone and weather resistant
6.Can be used for jackhammer hose


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What is a PVC air hose?

PVC air hose is a flexible, lightweight hose made from PVC. It’s to use with air compressors and air tools. It typically has a smooth inner and outer surface, making it easy to handle and allowing for smooth airflow.

What are the different types of PVC air hose?

There are several different types of PVC air hoses, including reinforced PVC hoses, hybrid PVC-rubber hoses, and coiled hoses. Reinforced PVC hoses have a layer of reinforcement material (usually polyester) to increase their strength and durability. Hybrid PVC-rubber hoses combine the lightweight flexibility of PVC with the durability of rubber. Coiled hoses are designed to retract back into a compact shape when not in use.

Are there any safety considerations when using a this hose?

Yes, it’s important to follow proper safety procedures when using a PVC air hose, such as wearing eye and ear protection and following proper handling and storage procedures. You should also be aware of the pressure rating of your hose and make sure not to exceed it, as this could cause the hose to burst or rupture.

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