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Textile Reinforced Air Hose

Textile Reinforced Air Hose is made from rubber ot TPR. It has a one or two layers of polyester braid reinforce, which makes it strong and flexible. It’s to convey air and water in mine, construction and many other places.

textile reinforced air hose textile reinforced air hose
textile reinforced air hose textile reinforced air hose
textile reinforced air hose textile reinforced air hose

Reinforced Air Hose Details

Tube and Cover: Rubber or TPR (NBR/PVC), smooth, oil resistant

Reinforcement: 1 or 2ply polyester thread braid

Mainly to convey air and inert gas and water in mining, construction, engineering, ship building, steel production etc.

Temperature: -40℃ (-104℉) to 70℃ (+158℉)

Textile Reinforced Air Hose

High pressure air hose mainly serves as the connector between air compressor and other devices. It is widely used in underwater diving, diving dress and other types of surface supplied diving equipment. In the other hand, air hose can also serves for air brakes between tractors and semi-trailers. Textile braided rubber air hose consists of three parts: tube, reinforce and cover. The tube is made from high quality black and smooth synthetic rubber, mainly NR, which is resistant to abrasion, corrosion and oils. While the reinforce is multiple layers of high strength synthetic fiber, making the hose have solid structure. Then the cover is high quality, black and smooth synthetic rubber, mainly CR, which is resistant to fire, abrasion, corrosion, oils, weather, ozone and aging. Thus the hose has a long service life.

Reinforced Air Hose Structure:

Tube: NR & SBR, black color.
Reinforcement:1ply or 2ply high tensile polyester thread braid
Cover: NR & SBR, smooth or wrapped surfac, black, yellow and red are available

Reinforced Air Hose Features:

Oil mist resistant tube
Weather, ozone and wear resistant

Wrapped Surface 300psi

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Wrapped Surface 400psi

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Smooth Surface 300psi

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What is a textile reinforced air hose?

A textile reinforced air hose is a type of hose used to transport compressed air. It is made from a flexible tube reinforced with textile fibers, which provides strength and durability.

What are some common applications for textile reinforced air hose?

Textile reinforced air hoses are commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications, including automotive manufacturing, construction, mining, and agriculture. They are also used in air tools, pneumatic systems, and other machinery that require compressed air.

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