Petroleum Hose Manufacturer

HITECK offers a variety of Oil Hoses to handle any application. No matter you’re in construction, agriculture, mining, petroleum processing, foundry, shipyard or quarry, the oil hoses will meet all your needs.

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What are the different types of oil hose?

There are various oil hoses available including oil deliver hose, fuel hose, lubricant hose, hot tar hose, fuel dispenser hose, aircraft fueling hose and many other types.

What's the industrial oil hose used for?

The rubber oil hose is mainly to transfer and deliver oil and oil products in industry. Like oil field, refine factory, oil station and oil tank.

Why these hose can trasnfer oil?

Most of these hoses are made from NBR which has the best oil resistance among the rubebr materials. Thus it can work along with oils for long term without any problem.

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