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Silicone Vacuum Hose

Silicone Vacuum Hose is ideal for turbo system and coolant system for vehicles. The high quality silicone material makes the hose flexible and resistant to high temperature. Besides, silicone vacuum hose is also ideal for food use and medical use.

silicone vacuum hose silicone vacuum hose


Wall: 100% virgin silicone

Various colors and sizes are available

No odor, no toxic, eco-friendly

High temperature and aging resistant

Temperature range: -40℃ ~ 220℃

Size: ID 10mm to 102mm

Silicone Vacuum Hose

Common Grade
Such vacuum hose is commonly use for vacuum advance system, turbo system, coolant system and emission control.  Heavy wall design gives it the ability to handle extreme pressure. It is ultra flexible with excellent tensile strength.

Silicone Vacuum Hose Features:

1.Material: 100% silicone raw material
2.No odor, no toxic, eco-friendly.
3.High temperature resistance, aging, operative temperature: – 40℃ ~ 220℃
4.For industrial use car use
5.Various colors and sizes are available

Food Grade
Food Grade Vacuum Hose is designed for a variety of pump and transfer applications including , laboratory, bioprocess manufacturing and food and beverage applications. The tubes are able to withstand a high temperature of 200C (intermittent) and are available in various internal diameters and wall thickness. Uses: Food tube products; Food Machinery connecting pipe; Liquor connecting conduit; Water dispenser, coffee maker, water heater

Medical Grade
Medical Grade Silicone Vacuum Hose has been used for medical tubing, as it meets the medical industry’s requirements for cleanliness and non-toxicity. Another of silicone’s major features  resistan to extreme temperature variations  has enabled its use in applications where a flexible tubing is needed to handle temperatures not possible with other plastics or rubbers.




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What's the production method of such hose?

The hose is made by extruding with reinforced layer to makes it more flexible and durable.

What are the applications of such vacuum hose?

The general usages include automotive, industrial machinery, HVAC system and automation.

Which color is available?

In general, the hose will be white. But we can offer you other colors as your demand.

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