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PVC Layflat Hose

PVC Layflat Hose is a common material for water discharge and transfer. Such water discharge hose is popular in many applications such as agriculture, industry, mining and water treatment. Because it’s light in weight and easy to handle.

PVC layflat Hose PVC layflat Hose
PVC layflat Hose PVC layflat Hose
PVC layflat Hose PVC layflat Hose
PVC layflat Hose PVC layflat Hose


Tube and Cover: PVC, blue, orange, red.
Reinforcement: high tensile polyester braid
Temperature: -10℃(-50℉) to 65℃(+150℉)
Advantage: Anti aging, long working life, non toxic, odorless, light in weight and flexible
Size: 3/4″ to 8″

PVC Layflat Hose

Our PVC layflat hose, commonly referred to as lay flat hose, water discharge hose, pump hose and flat hose, is perfect for use with water and light chemicals. While the usages mainly include irrigation, mining and construction. With a continuous high tensile strength polyester fiber circularly woven reinforce, it is one of the most durable lay flat hoses in the industry.

Layflat discharge hose is very strong, yet relatively light in weight. Besides, it resists twist, kink and corrosion.

Such PVC  hose can be coupled with aluminum, malleable or Gator Lock shank connectors or quick connects through a variety of methods, including standard hose clamps or crimp on connectors. It works well in agriculture, construction, marine, mining, pool, irrigation and flood control.


Tube and Cover: high quality PVC
Reinforcement: high tensile polyester braid


Lay flat water hose is for light and heavy duty applications. The hose widely serves in agricultural equipment where need continuous water flow through irrigation systems. Other usages include water pump, pool & spa, construction, mines and marine. In some cases, people use it as layflat garden hose.

PVC layflat hose Features:

Light weight and flexible
Corrosion resistant, anti-aging
Easy to handle and store
Various colors are available
Assembly and custom lengths are available
Nontoxic and odorless
Burst pressure 3 times working pressure

Temperature: -10℃ (-50℉) to + 60°C (+ 140°F)

Light Duty

Standard Duty

Medium Duty

Heavy Duty

PVC lay flat hose
PVC layflat hose
PVC layflat hose
PVC layflat hose

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What is a PVC layflat hose?

A PVC layflat hose is a type of flexible hose made of PVC material. It is designed to convey water and other fluids at low pressure. It is a “layflat” hose because it is flat when not in use. Thus you can roll it up for storage.

What are the advantages to use a PVC layflat hose?
PVC layflat hose is light in weight, flexible and easy to handle. While these make them ideal for a wide range of uses. It is also resistant to chemical, UV, and abrasion. Thus it is durable and long-lasting. PVC layflat hoses are also easy to install and recycle.
What are the typical applications of PVC layflat hose?
PVC layflat hose widely serves in irrigation, drainage, pumping and firefighting. It is also ideal for construction, mining and marine use.
What are the different types of PVC layflat hose?
PVC layflat hose has various types, such as medium duty, heavy-duty and high-pressure hose. It also comes in different sizes from 1 inch to 12 inches in diameter.

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