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PVC Steel Wire Duct Hose

PVC Steel Wire Duct Hose is a flexible and compressable hose. It adopts high quality PVC as the raw material with a steel wire inside. The hose is transparent so that you can watch the mediums flow inside it. The hose is ideal for cleaner and ventilation use.

PVC steel wire duct hose PVC steel wire duct hose
PVC steel wire duct hose PVC steel wire duct hose
PVC steel wire duct hose PVC steel wire duct hose


Wall: Top grade of PVC

Spiral: Steel wire PVC coated

Featuresc: Different types are available

Very flexible with low weight Resistant to UV

Extremely compressible Highly transparent wall

Temperature: 20℃ (-70℉) to 70℃ (+150℉)

Size: ID 25mm to 406mm

PVC Steel Wire Duct Hose

PVC Steel Wire Helix Duct Hose is a clear PVC wall duct hose reinforced with a PVC coated spring steel wire helix for industrial air movement and fume control applications. This flex PVC duct hose provide great flexibility with tight bending characteristics and offer good chemical and moisture resistance. In addition, the spring steel wire helix featured on these duct materials provides extra protection.

PVC Steel Wire Duct Hose Application:

Especially ideal for ventilation, industrial vacuum cleaner, and granulate conveying systems.

As suction and transport hose suitable for below substance: Gaseous medias such as vapors and smoke Liquid medias. Small granules such as dusts, powders and etc.

PVC Steel Wire Duct Hose Features:

1.Highly flexible with low weight
2.Extremely compressible
3.Could be static electricity conductive by grounding the steel wire
4.Smooth interior
5.Highly transparent wall
6.Small bending radius
7.Comply to RoHS

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Is the hose flexible?

The hose is highly flexible with a small bend radius.

Can the hose be coiled?

The hose is very flexible and you can coil it for easy to transfer.

How long can the hose last?

The lifespan depends on the working condition. But it will be more than 2 years.

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