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Hydraulic Hose SAE 100 R2/EN 853 2SN

Hydraulic Hose SAE 100 R2 has a 2 layers of steel wire braid reinforce. Thus it can bear higher pressure which could reach max 35 Mpa. Such hose is ideal for high pressure hydraulic systems industry and agriculture. It also widely serves in various vehicles such as excavator.

SAE 100 R2 SAE 100 R2
SAE 100 R2 SAE 100 R2
SAE 100 R2 SAE 100 R2

SAE 100 R2 Details

Inner tube: oil resistant NBR

Cover: oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: 2 layers of steel wire braided

Application: high pressure hydraulic systems in industry and agriculture to transfer mineral oil and glycol based hydraulic fluids, vegetable and mineral lubricants, raw oil, cooling fluid and pressured air.

Temperature range: -40℃ (-104 ℉) to +100℃(+212 ℉)

Size: 3/16 “to 2”

Hydraulic Hose SAE 100 R2

SAE 100R2 steel wire reinforced hydraulic hose is suitable for delivering petroleum-base hydraulic oils thanks to its oil resistant tube. Besides, it can convey the oils without producing excessive heat and leak. It is mainly used in some mobile equipment, such as farm tractor, dump truck and in-plant hydraulic equipment. SAE100R2 is composed of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover. The tube is made from oil resistant synthetic rubber, so it is mainly used to transfer oils. The reinforcement is made from two layers of high tensile braided steel wires, making the hose have solid structure and resistant to high pressure. Therefore, hydraulic hose r2 has excellent performance in high pressure working environment. The cover is made from high quality synthetic rubber, which is resistant to weather, ozone, corrosion, abrasion, aging, sunlight and cut. The sae 100 r2at hose has longer service life as a result. Contact us now!


SAE 100 R2 Specification

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EN 853 2SN Specification

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SAE 100 R2 application
hydrualic hose

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What's the pressure of such hose?

SAE 100r2 has a high working pressure which can be max 35Mpa. 

Can I ask for the hose assembly?

Yes of course. We offer you one-stop service, besides hose, you can also get relevant fittings. With different types of crimping machine, we can offer you assembly.

How long can the hose last?

Generally it can work more than 2 years. But it depends on the work condition and maintenance.

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