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Our range of PVC hoses is manufactured according to the highest safety and operational standards and is suited for high-pressure and highly-abrasive applications.

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What are some common applications of PVC hose?

PVC hose is commonly used in industries such as agriculture, food and beverage, construction, and manufacturing for conveying water, air, chemicals, and other materials.

How is PVC hose made?

PVC hose is made by extruding PVC resin through a die and then shaping it into the desired size and shape. The hose is then reinforced with a layer of polyester yarn or other materials to provide strength and durability.

What are some safety precautions when using PVC hose?

PVC hose should not be used for conveying hot liquids or gases, as it can soften and deform at high temperatures. It should also not be used for applications involving strong acids or alkalis, as these can degrade the hose material. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety instructions when using PVC hose.

Is PVC hose safe to human?

In fact, PVC may release toxic substances when work at a very high temperature condition. But in the most case, you don’t use it at such a high temperature. Besides, the PVC hose can be made from food grade material if you want to use it for food. Thus it will be safe to human. 

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