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Oxy Acetylene Hose

Oxy Acetylene Hose is specially designed for the works where need acetylene such as welding and cutting. It normally works together with an oxygen hose. Besides acetylene, it can transfer many other flammable gases such as propane.

PVC acetylene hose PVC acetylene hose
PVC acetylene hose PVC acetylene hose


Tube and Cover: High quality pvc

Reinforcement: 1 or 2 layers of high tensile strength polyester fibre.

Temperature: -10℃(-50℉) to 65℃(+150℉)

Advantage: Anti aging, long working life, non toxic, without odor, light in weight and flexible

Size: 1/4 “to 3/8”

Acetylene Hose

Welding and cutting needs a flexible and rugged Hose Pipe to deliver oxygen and a fuel gas like Acetylene. We offer you a flame retardant and oil resistant PVC Welding Hose. PVC is High Temp Resistant Plasticizers and blended with Flame Retardant additives.

Acetylene Hose Structure:

Tube: PVC material
Reinforcement: high tensile polyester or cotton braid
Cover: PVC, red, yellow

Oxy Acetylene Hose Applications:

Oxy acetylene hose is widely used in welding machine, architeture and lacquer factory

Acetylene Hose Features:

1.High tensile polyester reinforced
2.Work under high pressure 300psi
3.Strong peeling adhesion between fire and PVC
4.Light, flexible, non-kink, non-twist; UV, ozone and weather resistant

Temperature: -10℃ (-50℉) to 65℃ (+150℉)


pvc acetylene hose
pvc acetylene hose

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What are the applications of PVC acetylene hose?

It is commonly used in welding and cutting applications, as it is designed to withstand the high pressures and intense heat involved in these processes.

What are the working pressure and temperature ranges for PVC acetylene hose?

The working pressure range for PVC acetylene hose is typically between 200-300 psi, while the temperature range is usually between -20°F and 150°F (-29°C and 65°C).

What are some important safety considerations when using PVC acetylene hose?

Some important safety considerations when using PVC acetylene hose include ensuring that the hose is properly secured and maintained, avoiding exposure to open flames or other ignition sources, and checking for leaks or damage before each use. It is also important to use the correct fittings and connectors when attaching the hose to equipment.

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