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PVC Braided Hose

PVC Braided Hose has a high tensile strength polyester fibre reinforce. Thus it can bear higher pressure than the normal PVC hose and it’s ideal for heavy duty use. Such PVC reinforced hose can deliver water, gas and oil. Besides, it looks very beautiful with coloful lines on the surface.

PVC braided hose PVC braided hose
PVC Braided Hose PVC Braided Hose


Tube and Cover: High Quality PVC

Reinforcement: High tensile polyester fibre

Temperature:-50˚F(-20℃) to 150˚F(+65℃)

Advantage: Anti aging, long working life

non toxic, odorless, light in weight and flexible

Size: 1/4″ to 3″

Such PVC Hose is also called PVC fiber hose, clear braided hose, PVC braided hose, fiber hose, PVC fiber reinforced hose, etc. It adopts high toughness PVC material and strengthen polyester thread. The hose is light in weight, flexible, elastic and portable. Besides, it is acid proof, alkali proof, anti-UV with long service life. The PVC fibre reinforced hose is ideal for garden and water transfer.

PVC Fibre Reinforced Hose Structure:

Tube and Cover: PVC
Reinforcement: high tensile polyester fibre

PVC Fibre Hose Application:

PVC fibre hose is to convey water, oil nad gas under normal condition. While it widely serves in the factory, farm, ship, building and family. The hose used for food is made from special food grade material. Then It can also transfer milk, beverage, distilled liquor, beer, jam and other foods. It can serve as pvc shower hose as well.

PVC Braided Hose Features:

●Flexible, transparent, durable, non-toxic, without odor
●Anti-erosion and anti-abrasion
Colorful symbol lines on the surface of the hose
Temperature: -10℃ (-50℉) to 65℃ (+150℉)


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PVC braided hose
PVC braided hose
PVC braided hose
PVC braided hose

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What are the advantages of PVC braided hose?

PVC braided hose is light in weight, flexible and easy to handle, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications. It is also resistant to kinking, abrasion, and corrosion, and can withstand high pressure and extreme temperatures.

What are the applications of PVC braided hose?

It is widely used in various industries, such as agriculture, construction and mining to convey water, air, and chemicals. It is also used for watering plants, cleaning vehicles, and spraying pesticides in gardens and fields.

How is PVC braided hose manufactured?

PVC fiber hose is manufactured by extruding PVC material through a die with a hollow center, which creates a tube. The tube is then reinforced with polyester fiber and coated with PVC material to provide additional strength and protection.

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