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PVC Helix Duct Hose

PVC Helix Duct Hose is made from high quality PVC with a helix outside. While the helix offers ultra abrasion resistance.  Thus the hose has a long service life. It’s ideal for solid, liquid and gas such as powder, water and air.

PVC helix duct hose PVC helix duct hose
PVC helix duct hose PVC helix duct hose
PVC helix duct hose PVC helix duct hose


Wall: Top grade of PVC

Spiral: Rigid PVC

Features: Different types are available

Very flexible with low weight Resistant to UV

Extremely tearing-resistant with rigid reinforced PVC helix.

Temperature: -10℃ to 65℃

Size: ID 19mm to 152.4mm

PVC Duct Hose has many advantages such as excellent resistance to corrosive properties of harsh chemicals, resistance to oxidation caused by moisture, as well as excellent crush resistance. Such Duct Hose is made from rigid PVC materials that are ideal for a broad range of applications as in moving ambient air, elevated temperatures, abrasives transfer abrasive powders, chips,gravel, sand, cements, shavings, and smoke, vapours and bulk material collection. PVC Helix Duct Hose to be move-able and flexible, perfect for requirements requiring ambient air circulation.

PVC Helix Duct Hose Application:

As suction and transport hose suitable for below substance: Gaseous medias such as vapors and smoke Liquid media.

Abrasive solids such as dusts, powders, chips and grains.

Also ideal as ventilation hosefor air conditioning and ventilation system.

PVC Helix Duct Hose Features:

1.Extremely tearing-resistant with rigid reinforced PVC helix.
2.Very abrasive.
3.Very smooth interior
4.flexible with low weight.
5.Extremely transparent.
6.Could resistant to UV if requested.
7.Various sizes abd available.
8.Comply to RoHS.

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Which is size available?

We can offer you the sizes from 19mm ID to 152mm ID.

Is the hose abrasion resistant?

The helix outside the hose body offers great abrasion resistance. Thus it is more durable.

What is the delivery time?

It will be within 30 days.

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