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Steam Hose is a flexible and durable hose specially for steam transfer. The hose is made from EPDM which has the best heat and aging resistance. Thus it can transfer 230℃ steam for long term without any aging. It widely serves in chemical, petroleum and other places.

steam hose steam hose
steam hose steam hose


Tube: EPDM

Reinforcement: high tensile wire braid

Cover: Red or blue, pin pricked smooth (wrapped finish), EPDM

Application: flexible steam hose is for the saturated steam in chemical industry, petroleum industry and shipbuilding.

Steam Hose

With a 10:1 safety factor, our high-temperature Steam Hose is to transfer steam for process and equipment cleaning. Our Steam tubing has an EPDM tube and steel wire braid reinforce. The EPDM cover provides external protection, resistance to high internal pressures and helps eliminate static charges. This high quality rubber hose has a 250 psi working pressure and is for saturated and super-heated steam services. 

Flexible High Pressure Steam Hose Features:

1.High temperature resistant
2.Weather and ozoen resistant
3.High abrasion resistant
4.Anti aging, long service life

Steam Hose 170℃ Specification

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Steam Hose 230℃ Specification

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can steam hose transport water?

Yes, steam hose can not only deliver high temperature gas, but also be able to deliver water.

How many temperature can the hose withstand?

Hiteck offers you two kinds of hoses. The first one can withstand max 170℃, while the other one can withstand max 230℃.

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