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PU Duct Hose is a very flexible and durable hose which is to transfer abrasive materials such as sand, grain, gravel and many others. Such hose widely serves in wood work, powder suction work as well as ventilation work. 

PU duct PU duct
PU duct PU duct
PU duct PU duct


Wall: Top grade of PU

Spiral: Steel wire PVC coated

Features: Different types are available

Very flexible with low weight Resistant to UV

Extremely compressible Highly transparent wall

Temperature: -40℃ (-104℉) to 90℃ (+150℉)

Size: ID 25mm to 305mm

PU Steel Wire Duct Hose is used for dust collection, light bulk material handling, and clean room applications. It is a clear, medium weight, static-dissipative polyurethane duct. The reinforce is a bronze-coated spring steel wire helix. Ducting polyurethane resists chemical, moisture, abrasion and tearing. Besides, it is very flexible and compressible for easy manipulation and installation. A temperature range of -65 to 225℉ makes it suitable for food  and paint spray extraction. It is also conductive to reduce static build-up for bulk material handling and pneumatic conveying applications. This duct hose is clear for viewing interior flow. Made from FDA acceptable materials for use in food preparation plants and pharmaceutical drug handling applications.

PU Duct Hose Application:

Ideally as suction and transport hose for abrasive solids such as dust, powders, wood chips, granulates, oil and fuel etc. Also very suitable for ventilation system and industrial vacuum cleaner

PU Duct Hose Features:

1.Very nice looking with transparent wall and copper plated steel wire
2.Extremely abrasion-resistant
3.High tensile and burst strength and tearing resistant
4.Could be static electricity conductive by grounding the steel wire
5.Resistant to oil and fuel
6.Extremely flexible and compressible
7.Small bending radius
8.Free of plasticizer
9.Free of halogen
10.Various colors are available
11.Different wall thickness are available
12. Comply to Rohs

Polyurethane duct application
PU flexible ducting hose application

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What's the usage of this hose?

It’s mainly to transfer abrasive materials such as gravel, particle, tips and sand.

What's the advantage of this hose?

The main advantage is the great abrasion resistance.

Can the hose resist static?

Yes. We can adda copper wire inside the hose to elliminate the static.

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