Material Handling Hose Manufacturer

HITECK offers a variety of material handling hose to handle any application. No matter you’re in construction, mining, petroleum processing or industrial cleaning, you can find a reliable hose here.

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Hiteck always produces with the strict standards such as DIN, ANSI and many others. Thus our hose products are good in quality. What's more, we obtain various certificates such as CE, BV, RoHS, REACH and ISO. But in fact, our products exceeds these standard because we always offer you the best and the most cost-effective hose products.



What is a material handing hose?

A material handling hose is a rubber hose which is to transfer bulk materials such as cement, sand and others.

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What's the main feature of such hose?

The common feature of these hoses is abrasion resistant. Because they often transfer abrasive materials such as cement, concrete and sand.w

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