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Grout Hose is a flexible tube used to transfer grout, which is a mixture of cement, sand, and water that is often used to fill gaps and voids in construction projects. It widely serves in filling gaps between concrete slabs or in masonry walls. Bvesides, it is an ideal tool for many construction.

grout hose grout hose


Tube:Black and smooth SBR, Shore A 85

Cover: Black and cloth impression NR/SBR.

Reinforcement: 4 or 6 plies of synthetic textile with an antistatic wire.


Plaster & Grout Hose is used to conduct wet cement, plaster, grout, wet shotcrete and concrete to building, dam, tunnel face and swimming pool. Plaster hose is also ideal for material handling on drilling rig. This is a rugged, durable, high performance hose coupled with high-quality permanent swage fittings. Grout pump hose also servges as a discharge hose on the delivery end of high pressure pumps.

Black Grout Hose Application:

Used for spraying plaster, grout, sand and gypsym.

Temperature: -40℃ to +70℃ (-40℉ to +158℉)

Grout Hose Features:

1.Ozone and weather resistant
2.Excellent wear resistance
3.Variety of usags

Grout Hose Specification

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What is a grout hose?

It is a special hose for pumping and delivering grout—a fluid mixture of cement, water, and additives—into gaps, joints, or crevices. The hose is commonly used in construction and renovation projects for applications such as tile installation, masonry work, and repairing concrete structures.

How does the hose work?

Such hose is typically connected to a grout pump or delivery system. The pump forces the grout mixture through the hose, which is directed to the desired location using a nozzle or applicator. The pressure created by the pump pushes the grout through the hose, allowing it to fill gaps, cracks, or voids in construction materials.

What are the common applications of the hose?

Tile Installation: Grout hoses are commonly used to fill the gaps between tiles during tile installation, ensuring a strong bond and a finished appearance.

Masonry Work: When constructing walls, grout hoses help fill the voids or gaps between bricks, blocks, or stones, enhancing structural stability.

Concrete Repair: Grout hoses are used to inject grout into cracks or damaged areas of concrete structures, such as bridges, buildings, or foundations, to restore strength and prevent further deterioration.

Waterproofing: Grout hoses can be employed for injecting grout into joints, seams, or gaps in waterproofing systems, providing an additional layer of protection against water intrusion.

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