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Concrete Placement Hose

Concrete Placement Hose is a flexible and heavy duty hose which is made from the blend of  NR abd SBR. While the cover provides excellent wear and weather resistance. The hose is mainly to transfer abrasive materials such as concrete in construction. Besides, it’s also a good choice for mine and quarry.

concrete placement hose concrete placement hose
concrete placement hose concrete placement hose


Tube: Black NR/SBR rubber compound

Cover: Black, NR/SBR, corrugated abrasion and weather resistant

Reinforcement: 2”-3” two braids high-tensile steel wires, 3-1/2”-5” four layers spiral high-tensile steel cords.

Concrete Placement Hose

Pouring concrete requires a substantial and heavy duty delivery hose with extreme abrasion resistance. Our concrete pump hose can withstand the heavy abrasion and high pressures involved in pouring concrete. It’s ideal for both wet and dry delivery. The cover is flexible and wear resistant to abrasive slurry. Smooth, controlled concrete flow practically eliminates splatter and boom bounce. Built-in nozzle has less weight at boom tip. 

Concrete Placement Hose Application:

These concrete pump hoses are high pressure pumping components design to pump concrete and other abrasive mixtures such as plaster and wet cement at a pressure up to 800psi

Temperature: -40℃ to +70℃ (-40℉ to +158℉)

Concrete Placement Hose Features:

1.High abrasion resistant
2.Abrasion loss value: DIN53516 70±5mm3
3.Weather and ozone resistant

Concrete Placement Hose Specification

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concrete placement hose
concrete placement hose

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What is a concrete pumping hose?

It is a heavy-duty hose specifically designed for the pumping and placement of concrete in construction projects. It is used to transport concrete from the delivery truck or pump to the desired location, such as foundations, slabs, or high-rise structures.

How does a concrete placement hose work?

Concrete pump hoses are connected to a concrete pump, which provides the necessary pressure to move the concrete through the hose. The hose is typically attached to the pump outlet and extends to the pouring location. As the pump pushes the concrete, it flows through the hose and is deposited at the designated area.

What are the common applications of such material handling hose?

Foundation Pouring: Concrete placement hoses are essential for pouring concrete into excavated foundation areas, providing the structural base for buildings.

Slab Construction: They are used for delivering concrete to formwork during the construction of slabs, such as floors, driveways, and walkways.

High-Rise Buildings: Concrete placement hoses are necessary for pumping concrete vertically in tall structures, ensuring efficient and precise placement at various levels.

Bridge Construction: Concrete placement hoses are utilized in the construction of bridges, allowing concrete to be transported and poured into complex forms and hard-to-reach areas.

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