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Silicone Duct Hose

Silicone Duct Hose is a flexible duct which has extremely excellent heat resistance. It can bear 260℃ high pressure for long term and shortly to 280℃. Thus it’s the best choice where has a high temp work condition. For example, the steel factory.


Spiral: Spring steel wire

Wall: Silicon coated glass fiber fabric

Reinforcement: Glass fiber cord

Feattures: Extremely good heat resistance

Highly flexible, small bending radius

Small bending radius, kink-proof

Temperature: -70℃ to +260℃, shortly to +280℃

Size: ID 1″to 12″

Silicone Duct Hose

Ducting silicone is a high temp duct suited for a variety of applications such as hot air and fumes. This flex silicone air ducting hose consists of double layer silicone coated fiberglass reinforced with a spring steel wire helix & external filament fiberglass cord.

Silicone Ducting serves in various applications include aircraft, automotive, brake ducting, brick kilns, rocket support duct, tractor pull exhaust, transmission cooling and vehicle exhaust systems, this flexible red silicone coated duct hose pipe is ideal for high temperature air handling applications, such as for granules dryer in the plastics industry, for printing machines, blowers and compressors, for exhaust gas technology, engine warming and military construction.

Silicone Duct Hose Application:

Heat resistant silicone ducting is ideal for:

1.transfer hot and cold air
2.printing machines, blowers and compressors
3.exhausting gas, engine construction, engine Warming, aircraft construction and military construction

Silicone Duct Hose Features:

1.Double-layer of silicone coated glass fiber fabric
2.Extremely good heat resistance
4.Smooth interior
5.Highly flexible
6.Small bending radius

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What's the max temperature it can bear?

It can work at 150-250℃ without any problem.

Is the hose flexible?

Yes, it is flexible and compressiable. You can bend or fold it for a easier transfer and storage.

Which color can you supply?

Generally the color is red. But we can offer you other colors like black and green.

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