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Nylon Duct is a flexible hose with small bend radius. It’s made from high quality fibreglass cloth with a grey and high temperature resistant coating. Besides, there is a stainless electrolytic steel clip outside. It can bear much higher temp which is max 400℃.

nylon duct nylon duct
nylon duct nylon duct
nylon duct nylon duct


Wall: coated glass fiber fabric

Clamped profile: Zinc plated steel slice

Good resistance to high temperature up to 400℃

Highly flexible and compressible

External galvanized steel helix protects against crushing

Temperature: -60℃ to +400℃

Size: ID 2″to 24″

Nylon Duct

Flame Retardant  Ducting Hose is made of double-ply silicone coated fiberglass fabric hose mechanically crimped in a continuous process. This makes this flexible ducting hose extremely good wear resistance, it will not damage the high temp duct when it is dragged on the ground. Canvas duct is flame retardant, insulated, high temperature resistant and vibration resistant, strong toughness and chemical resistance.

Flexible canvas duct is a high temp duct could handle working temperatue resistant to 400°C, a short time can handle about +450 °C. This flexible ducting hose is ideal used for hot and cold gases and for dust, powder, fibers, high temperature extraction: oven, foundry, furnace, smelting, ceramics industry, glass industry, steel plant, aluminium mill.

Nylon Duct Application:

Clamped high temperature resistant flame retardant duct hose, especially suitable:

1.For suction of high temperature air in engine exhaust in industry
2.For high temperature gaseous media like vapors and smoke
3.In dryer, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, military
4.As bellows and compensator

Nylon Duct Features:

1.Very good resistance to high temperature up to 400℃
2.Highly flexible and compressible
3.External galvanized steel helix protects against crushing
4.Firm clamping structure
5.Good performance on working pressure
6.Good resistance to chemical substance
7.Small bending radius
10.Light weight

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What's the material of the metal ring?

It is iron rings to support the nylon cloth. Besides, it protects the hose from external impact.

How many temperature the hose can bear?

The standard hose can bear 400℃. But we can offer you another type which can bear 800℃.

What's the delivery time?

It will be within 30 days.

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