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Dry Bulk Discharge Hose

Dry Bulk Discharge Hose is designed to treat kinds of bulk materials such as sand, gravel, fertilizer and many abrasive materials. It is made from abrasion and weather resistant material. Thus it can deliver abrasives with out any broken. Besides, it can fit the tough work conditions

dry bulk discharge hose dry bulk discharge hose


Tube: Black ,smooth, NR synthetic rubber

Cover: Black, smooth (wrapped finish), synthetic rubber, weathering and ozone resistant

Reinforcement:High strength synthetic cord


Dry Bulk Discharge Hose

Bulk Material Hose is to transfer bulk material, such as cement, sand, lime, fertilizers, etc. Multiply layers of high tensile synthetic cord supported with helix wire with anti static wire. Service life may vary depending on the operating conditions, hours of use, and the product being conveyed. The cover of abrasive material hose is abrasion, age and weather resistant. Ideal for all kinds of tunnel engineering roadway, caverns and other engineering operations.

Dry Bulk Discharge Hose Structure:

Tube: Black, smooth, synthetic rubber
Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord
Cover: Black, smooth (wrapped finish), synthetic rubber, weather and ozone resistant

Dry Bulk Discharge Hose Application:

Specially designed softwall hose for delivery of dry cement, sand, gravel, etc. The bulk material handling hose is durable and wear resistant.

Temperature: -30℃ (-22℉) to +70℃ (+158℉)

Dry Bulk Discharge Hose Features:

1.High abrasion resistant tube
2.Weather and ozone resistant
3.Light weight and flexible

Dry Bulk Discharge Hose Specification

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What is a dry bulk discharge hose?

This rubber hose is to deliver bulk materials including general material and abrasive materials. Like sand, gravel, etc.

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Can I use the hose to transfer food?

No, you can’t. Actually, this is just for industrial use and not suitablie for food use. If you need a hose for food use, we can offer you food grade hose.

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