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Reinforced Suction Hose

PVC Reinforced Suction Hose has a high strength polyester fibre reinforce. It makes the hose more flexible and offers great pressure resistance. It has a rigid PVC helix outside the cover to provide extra wear resistance. Thus the hose is very durable.

PVC reinforced suction hose PVC reinforced suction hose
PVC reinforced suction hose PVC reinforced suction hose
PVC reinforced suction hose PVC reinforced suction hose
PVC reinforced suction hose PVC reinforced suction hose


Tube and Cover: Double-ply PVC tube

Reinforcement: polyester fabric and rigid PVC helix.

Temperature:-4˚F(-20℃) to 150˚F(+65℃)

Advantage: Anti aging, long working life, non toxic, without odor, light in weight and flexible

Size: 3/2 “to 8”

Reinforced Suction Hose

With high strength polyester yarn reinforce and a distinctive orange helix, such PVC Suction Hose is ideal for fish suction, water suction and trash pumping. However, it has now discovered new apps in the fracking industry. Besides, it is extremely popular to move water in and out of ponds. This hose will withstand high transfer pressures.

PVC Reinforced Suction Hose Structure:

Double-ply PVC tube, polyester fabric reinforce and rigid PVC helix.


The PVC fibre suction hose is for Fish suction; Irrigation; Pumps and water pump, trash; Suction and discharge; heavy duty water suction


1.High tensile strength polyester yarn jacket to handle both suction and higher pressure discharge applications.

2.Transparent hose allows for visual confirmation of material flow.

3.Rigid helix design protects the hose from cover wear. 

Temperature: -4˚F (-20℃) to 150˚F (+65℃)


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What is the maximum vacuum rating of a reinforced suction hose?

The maximum vacuum rating of a reinforced suction hose depends on the material it is made of and the type of reinforcement used. Typically, it ranges from 28 to 30 inches of mercury (inHg) for PVC hoses and up to 29 inHg for rubber hoses.

How do you install a reinforced suction hose?

To install a reinforced suction hose, first ensure that the hose is the correct size and length for the application. Then, secure the hose to the inlet and outlet connections using clamps or fittings. It is important to ensure that the hose is not kinked or twisted during installation, as this can restrict flow and cause damage to the hose.

What are the typical applications of a reinforced suction hose?

Reinforced suction hoses are commonly used in a variety of industries, including agriculture, construction, mining, and manufacturing. They are typically used for transferring water, chemicals, fuels, and other materials.

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