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PVC Grit Hose has a double-ply PVC tube with a rigid PVC helix outside. The special structure makes it stong and flexible. It’s ideal for material handling work such as sand, grit and other  abrasive materials transfer. Besides, it can work at both positive pressure and negative pressure conditions.

PVC grit hose PVC grit hose
PVC grit hose PVC grit hose
PVC grit hose PVC grit hose
PVC grit hose PVC grit hose


Tube and Cover: Double-ply PVC tube

Reinforcement: Rigid PVC helix.

Temperature:-4˚F(-20℃) to 150˚F(+65℃)

Advantage: Anti aging, long working life, light in weight and flexible

Size: 8″ to 12″

It is a flexible PVC hose with protective yellow spiral. Such material handling hose is suitable for heavy dust control and sands material handlle. It can work at high wear places. While the exterior yellow spiral protects the hose from exterior wear and tear from prolonged use.

Such PVC Hose has excellent crush resistance and tensile strength because of its spiral helix skeleton. Its special coating makes it resist wear and chemical. Additional coating is available if better property is matter for your work. This material transfer hose can handle both positive and negative pressures. Thus it is ideal for a wide range of use.

PVC Grit Hose Structure:

High quality pvc with rigid pvc helix

PVC Grit Hose Applications:

The pvc grit hose widely serves in ship building and construction. It can transfer granule and powder materials. It’s also the good choice for sand, gravel, cement, etc.

PVC Grit Hose Features:

●Abrasion resistant
●Rigid spiral helix reinforce
●Specially formulated compound to resist cold and hot weather

Temperature: -10℃ (-50℉) to 65℃ (+150℉)


PVC grit hose
PVC grit hose

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What is a PVC grit hose?

It is a type of flexible hose made from PVC. It is designed to transfer abrasive materials such as grit, sand and other similar particles.

What are the key features of the hose?

PVC grit hoses are flexible, lightweight, and highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and weathering. They can handle a wide range of temperatures, making them suitable for use in both hot and cold environments. PVC grit hoses are also typically easy to handle and can be easily installed or removed.

What are the common applications of PVC grit hose?

PVC grit hose widely serves in various industrial applications such as sandblasting, shot blasting and other abrasive material transfer operations. It’s also popular in construction and mining operations, as well as in agriculture and gardening to transfer fertilizers and pesticides.

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