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Hot Tar And Asphalt Hose

Hot Tar And Asphalt Hose is made from special elastmoer compound. The reinforce is 2 or 4 layers of high tensile cord braid with  steel wire and anti static wire. The hose can bear both heat and oil. 

hot tar and asphalt hose hot tar and asphalt hose


Inner tube: Black, special elastmoer compound

Reinforcement: 2 or 4 layers high tensile cord with steel wire helix and anti-static wires

Cover: Black, wrapped finish, synthetic elastomer compound for high abrasion, ozone & weather resistance.

Hot Tar And Asphalt Hose

Hot Tar Hose is a rugged hose to transfer asphalt, tar, glues, wax and hot oils. The oil resistant tar hose is abrasion and high temperature resistant. It has textile and wire reinforce to provide kink resistance. The rubber cover is ozone and oil resistant. 150 PSI version is available in some sizes for heavy applications.

Hot Tar And Asphalt Hose Application:

Alphalt hose is specially designed for conveying hot tar and asphalt.
Temperature: -40℃ (-22℉) to +180℃ (+356℉)

Hot Tar And Asphalt Hose Features:

1.Tube is oil, abrasion and heat resistant
2.Cover is resistant to weather and abrasion
3.Special tube is heat resistant up to 180℃
4.All sizes are full vacuum

Hot Tar And Asphalt Hose Specification

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What is a hot tar hose?

A hot tar hose is a specialized hose designed for the transfer of hot asphalt, bitumen, or other high-temperature materials commonly used in roofing, road construction, and other applications. It is designed to withstand the high temperatures and the abrasive nature of these materials.

What temperature range can hot tar hoses handle?

Hot tar hoses are specifically designed to handle high temperatures, often ranging from approximately 300°F (150°C) to 350°F (175°C) or higher. The exact temperature range can vary depending on the specific hose construction and the material being transferred.

Can hot tar hoses handle other high-temperature materials?

While hot tar hoses are specifically designed for handling hot asphalt or bitumen, they can also be used for other high-temperature materials with similar properties. It’s important to ensure that the hose materials are compatible with the specific material being transferred to prevent degradation or hose failure.

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