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Cloth Braided Fuel Line

Cloth Braided Fuel Line is made from high quality nitrile rubber. Because it has excellent oil resistance. The out cover is a textile braid to offer protection to the hose. While it can resist wear and temperature resistance.

cloth braided fuel line cloth braided fuel line

Braided Fuel Line Details

Tube: Oil and fuel resistant NBR.

Cover: Textile braid

It is to circulate diesel, biodiesel, hydraulic oil, machinery oil and lubricating oil etc or the oil products

Temperature: -40°C (-104°F) to +100°C (+212°F)

Braided Fuel Hose is a textile-covered, small diameter, extremely durable hydraulic oil and lubricating oil hose for applications such as fuel line hose on forklifts and utility equipment. Brided oil hose has high tensile stainless steel braided reinforce for superior strength, durability and kink resistance. The textile cover is resistant to abrasion, mild chemicals and ozone.

Cloth Braided Fuel Line Application:

Black braided fuel line is to circulate diesel, biodiesel, hydraulic oil, machinery oil, lubricant or the oil products.

Braided Fuel Line Features:

● 100% New NBR Material
● Aging resistant; insulation; oil resistant; acid and alkaline resistant
Textile Cover Fuel Hose Temperature: -40°C (-104°F ) to +100°C (+212°F )

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What is a braided oil line?

It’s a type of hose used to transport fuel in various applications, such as automotive, marine, or industrial. It consists of an inner tube that carries the fuel and an outer braided layer for reinforcement and protection.

What is the purpose of the braided layer in a fuel line?

The braided layer in a fuel line serves multiple purposes. It provides strength and durability to the hose, allowing it to withstand high pressure and resist kinking or collapsing. The braided construction also helps to contain any potential fuel leaks by adding an extra layer of protection.

Can braided fuel lines be used for other fluids besides fuel?

While braided fuel lines are primarily designed for fuel applications, they can also be used for other compatible fluids, such as oil, coolant, or hydraulic fluids. It’s important to ensure compatibility between the fluid and the materials of the fuel line to prevent degradation or failure.

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