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Oil Discharge Hose

Oil Discharge Hose is a flexible hose to transfer various oils such as gasoline, fuel, diesel, lubricant and many others. In order to make sure the safety of oil transfer, there will be a copper wire inside the hose. So that it can eliminate the static which may occur during the transfer.

oil discharge hose oil discharge hose


Tube: Black, smooth, Nitrile rubber.

Reinforcement: multi plies high strength synthetic fabric.

Cover: Black, wrapped surface, weather and ozone resistant, synthetic rubber.

Designed for the discharge of petroleum based products, diesel, gasoline, lubricants, fuel, with aromatic content up to 50%.

Oil Discharge Hose

Such oil hose, also called rubber fuel oil hose, flexible reinforced oil hose, fuel oil discharge hose, is a type of flexible hose for discharge and delivery of oil. Compared with water rubber hose, the oil rubber hose has a inserted copper wire for ground connection. While this is to eliminate the static. The inner and outer rubber material has excellent oil and wear resistance. 

Oil Discharge Hose Application:

Fuel discharge hose is for the discharge of petroleum based products like diesel, gasoline, lubricants and fuel with aromatic content up to 50%.
Temperature: -32°C to +82°C (-90°F to +180°F)

Oil Discharge Hose Features:

1.Weather and abrasion resistant cover
2.Flexible and less distortion
3.For aromatic content up to 50%

150 psi Specification

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300 psi Specification

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What's the pressure of such oil hose?

In order to fit different work conditions, we offer you 2 kinds of hose. One is 15o psi while the other one is 300 psi.

Can the hose transfer hot oil?

In fact, the hose can bear high temp which is up to 82℃. Thus if the temp of oil is less than 82℃, it will be fine. But higher temperature may cause the hose fail earlier.

Can the hose used for lubricant?

Yes sure, it is ideal for various oils and oil products including lubricant. But we have a special hose for lubricant that is lubricant hose.

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