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Nitrile Fuel Hose

Nitrile Fuel Hose adopts nitrile as the raw material for both inner tube and cover. Because it has excellent oil resistance. While the reinforce is high strength synthetic yarn, which makes the hose more flexible and pressure resistant.

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Nitrile Fuel Hose Details

Tube: Black, smooth, NBR

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic yarn

Cover: Ozone, oil resistant nitrile rubber

Designed for the discharge of petroleum based products, diesel, gasoline, lubricant, fuel, with aromatic content up to 50%.

Nitrile Fuel Hose

Nitrile Rubber Fuel Hose is widely used in Automotive & Industrial applications requiring chemical resistance. Such oil hose is ideal for transfer of aromatic or non aromatic hydrocarbon fluids. Typical apps include fuel and lubricant transfer, gas transmission line and gasoline pipe. Besides, it has good general industrial properties

Nitrile Fuel Hose Application:

Such rubber hose is for the discharge of petroleum based products, diesel, gasoline, lubricants, fuel, with aromatic content up to 50%.
Temperature: -32°C to +82°C (-90°F to +180°F)

Nitrile Fuel Hose Features:

1.Weather and abrasion resistant cover
2.Flexible and less distortion
3.For aromatic content up to 50%

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What is a nitrile rubber fuel hose?

It’s a flexible rubber oil hose and it’s made from nitrile rubber. As nitrile rubber has the best oil resistance. The hose is to transfer various of oils such as fuel and lubricant.

Why the hose made from nitrile rubber?

Nitrile rubber has the best oil resistance among all of the rubbers. While such hose works together with oils for long term. Thus nitrile rubber is the best choice for it.

Can the hose work at high pressure?

Yes such oil hose can work at max 600 psi. Besides, we can produce it into different pressure ratings for your demand. While it could be 300-600 psi.

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