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Aircract Fueling Hose

Aircraft Fueling Hose is a flexible and durable hose specially designed for aircraft refuling.  It is made from oil resistant NBR. While the reinforce are high strength synthetic plies. Besides, in order to make the refuling work safe, there will be 2 copper wires inside the hose.

refueling hose refueling hose

Aircraft Fueling Hose Details

Tube: Black and smooth NBR

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic plies with 2 grounding crossing copper wires

Cover: Black, smooth, fire proof, antistatic(R<106 Ohm/m) and cloth impression CR,resistant to chemicals,ozone and weather

Temperature: -22°F+158°F
Specifications: EN1825

Aircraft Fueling Hose

Aircraft ground refuelling hose is designed for both discharge operations and ground fuelling of aircrafts. Aviation fuel hose can defuel with kerosene or petroleum fuel, aromatic content ≤50%. It can be rolled up onto reels and has been recognized by the major oil companies. It’s a light weight, flexible and abrasion resistant hose.

Aircraft Fueling Hose Application:

The aircraft refueling hose isfor aircraft ground refueling. Fuels with aromatic content up to 50%

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What is a fueling hose?

It is a special hose used to transfer fuel from a fuel truck or fueling system to an aircraft during refueling operations. It is designed to handle the specific requirements and safety considerations of aircraft fueling.

What are the characteristics of the fueling hose?

Aircraft fueling hoses are flexible, lightweight, and durable. They are constructed with materials compatible with aviation fuels, such as Jet A or Jet A-1. These hoses are typically electrically conductive to dissipate static electricity and prevent sparking during fuel transfer.

Is your fueling hose safe?

Yes of course. Our hose is safe enough for the oil delivery work. As there will be a wire to eliminate the static.

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