Stainless steel hose is a great material for modern industry. Because it can resist acid, alkali and solvent. Besides, it will never rust. Then you can save much cost with it. In this piece, let me introduce you the usage of stainless steel pipe in drilling project.

Drilling fluid circulation system

The drilling fluid circulation system is an important part. It is to deliver drilling fluid to the drill bit and bring drilling cuttings back to the surface. Steel hose pipe can be used in such system. It is corrosion resistant and anti-wear. Thus it can ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.

metal hose

Stainless steel hose is also ideal for drilling tool delivery system

Drilling tools are essential equipment in drilling project. Because their quality directly affect the efficiency and quality of the project. Flexible metal hose can be used in drilling tool system. Because its good flexibility and strong wear resistance can ensure the safety of drilling tools.

Oil and gas well testing system

The oil and gas well testing system is important to test oil and gas wells after drilling. The accuracy of its test data is of great significance to the oil and gas wells. Stainless steel hose can serve in oil and gas well testing systems. Besides, it resists corrosion and wear. Thus it can ensure the accuracy of test data.

stainless steel hose

To sum up, stainless steel metal hose is really good for drilling work. It makes the work more safer and more efficient. In the future, stainless steel pipe will more and more widely serve in drilling works. At the same time, technical research and innovation of flexible metal hose will also develop. Hiteck is a hose supplier for such flexible metal pipe. Contact us now and get the best quotation.