Attack hose is a layflat hose that specially for fire fire fighting and forestry fire prevent. In our general perception, such fire hose is only for fire fighting. However, it is just the normal use of fire hose. Then let me show you some abnormal uses of such fire fighting hose.

Some other uses of attack hose besides fire fighting

1. Protection when lifting hazardous chemicals tank trucks

2. Transfer the leakage point of hazardous chemicals

3. The air supply pipeline of the anoxic space

4. Auxiliary for floor escape and self-rescue

attack fire hose

Pay attention to the use of mill hose

When the hose is put on the interface, there must be a layer of soft protection. Then tie the layflat fire hose tightly with galvanized iron wire or hose hoop.

Prevent the direct action of flame and radiant heat. Thus pay special attention not to make the water fire hose contact with high temp objects.

Be careful that the hose does not come into contact with corrosive chemicals such as oil, acid, and alkali.

When laying the hose, avoid sharp objects and various oils. While when laying the hose vertically to a high place, use the hose hook. But when set lay flat fire hose through the main traffic roads, use bridge to protect it. If the rubber fire hose have to pass the railway, make it under the track. Because this can prevent the fire fighter water hose from crush. Then it can avoid the interrupt of water supply.

After the hose is filled with water, avoid dragging it forcibly on the ground. Try to lift and move it to reduce the wear and tear between the hose and the ground

If you find a small hole during use, wrap tightly with layflat hose wrapping cloth. In the severe winter, run at a slow speed to keep a small water output. Because the cold weather may cause the hose freeze.

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