EPDM rubber is generally used as a raw material for rubber water pipes. Water pipes produced using EPDM rubber are generally used as industrial water pipes. Mainly because EPDM rubber pipes have excellent properties such as wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and oxidation resistance. But can it make a edible water pipe? In fact, improved EPDM rubber water pipes can be used as edible water pipes

oil resistant rubber hose

The main reasons are as follows:

First, because the main polymer chain of EPDM is completely saturated. This property makes EPDM resistant to heat, light and ozone. EPDM is non-polar in nature, resistant to polar solutions and chemicals. Besides, it has low water absorption and good insulating property.

Second, most of the soft connections of faucets in residential areas have soft rubber tubes. In Europe and the United States, EPDM rubber is also used to make soft connections. The EPDM rubber material can not migrate and breed bacteria. Besides, the material quality must reach drinking water grade before it can be used as a drinking water pipe.

Third, if EPDM rubber is used as drinking water pipes, you must solve some problems. For example, EPDM has excellent ozone, heat and aging resistance. For drinking water pipe material, it needs to be non-toxic and harmless. Besides, it can not cause harm to the human body. And the price must be within an acceptable range.

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To sum up, rubber water pipes can be used as edible and drinking rubber water pipes. However, I would like to remind everyone that when purchasing EPDM rubber pipes, whether they are water pipes or industrial water pipes, we must read their production reports and quality inspection reports clearly to avoid being deceived.